Scalp & Specials


Effective care for individual demands of scalp and hair.

Long-Hair-Life Hyaluron Shampoo

Anti-ageing for hair and scalp.

Ageless Beauty Shampoo

Anti-age shampoo for discerning women.

Ageless Beauty Scalp Serum

Anti-age hair serum for discerning women.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Gentle plant-based cleansing shampoo. Combats dandruff.

BB Beauty Balm for Miracle Hair

Beauty balm – the styling secret for magically beautiful hair.

Hair & Scalp Calming Elixir

Soothing care for irritated scalps.

Instant Care Hair Tip Mask

Protective mask, ideal for fine hair.

Oil Elixir with Sasanqua

Premium quality oil elixir for that little bit extra hair care.

Revital Density Haircure

Stimulating, activating course of vials for thicker hair, combats hair loss.

Silver Shine Shampoo

Shine shampoo for grey hair.

Travel Hair & Scalp Brush

Beauty brush for well-groomed hair and scalp.

Volume Anti-Oil Hair Powder

Magic brush for quick volume, right at the roots.

Greyless Hair & Scalp Concentrate

The energy scalp care that makes great hair natural.

Micelle Pre-Hairwash

The new first step of hair cleansing. Makes your shampoo even more effective!