More Shine


Allround Hair Brush

Cleansing brush for well-groomed hair.

Brilliance Colour Seal

Color & heat protection spray for colored hair.

Golden Caviar Hair Bath

Golden radiant hair bath for special care moments.

Golden Caviar Mask Conditioner

Perfect combination of mask and conditioner for a hair feeling like liquid silk.

Golden Caviar Spray

Ultra-delicate goldspray for volume, natural hold and wonderful gloss.

Crystal Shine Hair Lacquer

Hair lacquer for glamorous styles.

Micelle Pre-Hairwash

The new first step of hair cleansing. Makes your shampoo even more effective!

Marine Moisture Shampoo

Marine moisturizing shampoo for all hair types.

Marine Moisture Mask

Intensively moisturizing mask with marine ingredients.

Marine Moisture Conditioner

Marine moisturizing conditioner for all hair types.

Oil Elixir with Sasanqua

Premium quality oil elixir for that little bit extra hair care.

Travel Allround Hair Brush

Travel size cleansing brush for well-groomed hair.

Curl Activating Shampoo

New energy and bounce for all curls and waves

Curl Activating Spray

Leave-in conditioner for curl bounce. Also to activate "tired" curls.

curl defining styling gel

To define curls. Apply as a styling gel in damp hair.

moisture mousse

Marine Moisture Mousse

Precious moisture from the depth of the ocean for new energy and vibrant bounce.

UV-light & pollution protect hairspray

Allround protection with flexible hold & wonderful shine.