Fine & Thin Hair


Daily Mild Shampoo

Strengthening, clarifying shampoo.

Express Moisture Conditioner

Light moisturizing spray for fine hair.

Hair Reshape Wax Cream

Reshaping wax cream for innovative styles.

Instant Care Hair Tip Mask

Protective mask, ideal for fine hair.

Liquid Hair Keratin Mousse

Keratin mousse to repair hair structure and provide more volume.

Oil Elixir with Sasanqua

Premium quality oil elixir for that little bit extra hair care.

Revital Density Haircure

Stimulating, activating course of vials for thicker hair, combats hair loss.

Vitality Vitamin Shampoo

Powerful vitamin shampoo for more vitality.

Micelle Pre-Shampoo

The new first step of hair cleansing. Makes your shampoo even more effective!