Golden Caviar Spray

Ultra-delicate goldspray for volume, natural hold and wonderful gloss.

Golden Caviar Mask Conditioner

Perfect combination of mask and conditioner for a hair feeling like liquid silk.

Golden Caviar Hair Bath

Golden radiant hair bath for special care moments.



The Inca Inchi plant grows in the Peruvian rainforests. From its nuts, the valuable Inca Inchi oil is obtained. This Inca peanut has been known to the indigenous population for thousands of years as being particularly rich and is still used there today purely as a food or in the form of oil. Today we know that the Inca Inchi oil is extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids and has high levels of the antioxidants Vitamin A and E. The oil is obtained by cold pressing from the young shoots of the Inca Inchi plants. Its ultra-light texture promises maximum nourishment and unimagined suppleness, without weighing the hair down. It evens out dry and roughened areas instantly and effectively and penetrates deeply into the hair, to reduce breakage.



They envelop your hair like liquid gold and instantly give it an unbelievable feeling of suppleness and a dazzlingly shimmering sheen.



Known for its deep regeneration effect, the most precious active ingredient in skincare, caviar extract, also keeps scalp and hair in tip-top condition. Its valuable nutrients, minerals and vitamins stimulate the scalp and its cellular metabolism and rapidly replace moisture deficits. The hair itself appears particularly supple, wonderfully shiny and velvety soft. Simply elegant!