Professional Brushes


Exclusive brushes for highest quality requirements.

Allround Comb

Styling comb for all hair types.

Allround Hair Brush

Cleansing brush for well-groomed hair.

Hair & Scalp Massage Brush

Beauty brush for well-groomed hair and scalp.

Large Round Styling Brush

Large round styling brush.

Medium Round Styling Brush

Medium Round Styling Brush

Medium round styling brush.

Small Round Styling Brush

Small round styling brush – ideal for short hair.

Super Round Styling Brush

Extra large styling brush with hairdryer hole.

Thermo Volume Ceramic-Styling Brush

Thermo Volume Ceramic-Styling Brush

Ceramic brush with ion technology for straight or wavy styles.

Travel Hair & Scalp Brush

Beauty brush for well-groomed hair and scalp.

Travel Allround Hair Brush

Travel size cleansing brush for well-groomed hair.


Our assortment of brushes is coordinated to various care steps and styling needs. Each brush has been hand-finished in Italy and meets the highest quality standards. The handle and base of these luxurious brushes are multiple-waxed beech wood, its bristles consist of a mixture of boar hair and nylon pins, which have been attached in the ideal arrangement so that they are easy to roll the hair onto or off of the brush or to detangle it. The grips are shaped so that they lie perfectly in the hand.