Damaged & Frizzy Hair


Structurally balancing & restraining effect for an unimaginable silky smoothness.

Anti-Age Overnight Serum

Goodnight care product for scalp and hair with bond-building effect.

BB Beauty Balm for Miracle Hair

Beauty balm – the styling secret for magically beautiful hair.

Brilliance Colour Conditioner

Conditioner for intensive shine for colored hair.

Brilliance Colour Shampoo

Shampoo for long-lasting depth and shine for colored hair.

Daily Repair Shampoo

Nourishing oil shampoo for dry, unmanageable hair.

Micelle Pre-Shampoo

The new first step of hair cleansing. Makes your shampoo even more effective!

Oil Elixir with Sasanqua

Premium quality oil elixir for that little bit extra hair care.

Silky Repair Elixir

Deep-impact elixir repairs hair breakage and split ends.

Silky Milk Conditioner

Conditioner for silky shine.

Silky Hair Bath

Shampoo for silky soft hair.

Silky Cream Mask

Pampering cream mask for silky shine.