Men Unlimited


Two steps for attractive men’s hair.

Strengthening Energy Shampoo

Strengthening and energizing shampoo for men.

Energy Constructing Gel

Invigorating hair gel for men.



This ingredient complex is a highly efficient combination of Swiss apple stem cell extract, stimulating peptides and energizing amino acids – for full, strong and seductively healthy hair. Plant cells have a very special attribute: they can reproduce a complete organism with just one stem cell. This is why plants have the extraordinary capacity of self-regeneration. The complex strengthens the hair roots and activates the hair growth already from the beginning – thus creating strong and healthy hair. Supports the function of the sebaceous glands and cares for a healthy scalp.


Uttwiler Spaetlauber

The Swiss Spaetlauber apple was cultivated in the 18th century from a chance seedling in Uttwil, Thurgau in Switzerland. It is thus one of the oldest species of apples in Switzerland. The Uttwiler Spaetlauber was especially treasured for its very long storage life. It has been established that the extract, which is obtained through an ingenious process from this old species of Swiss apple, can combat the time-related aging process of stem cells. The extract is rich in botanical materials and proteins. It protects the longevity of skin stem cells and thereby maintains their capacity for self-renewal. The end of the growth phase of hair follicle stem cells is delayed and the hair grows over a longer period of time.