Silky Hair Bath

Shampoo for silky soft hair.

Silky Cream Mask

Pampering cream mask for silky shine.

Silky Milk Conditioner

Conditioner for silky shine.

Silky Repair Elixir

Deep-impact elixir repairs hair breakage and split ends.

Vitality Vitamin Shampoo

Powerful vitamin shampoo for more vitality.



The suppleness of Pashmina, the sheen of pure silk and the elasticity of the seaweed, combined to create a highly effective care experience especially for heavily damaged and stressed hair. The word Pashmina stands for the finest wool of the highest quality. The Pashmina extracts cover the hair with pure suppleness, improve its resilience  and impart a wonderfully velvety feeling, supported by the gloss of silk, which moisturizes and protects. The “gold of the water”, the seaweed, wich threads are incredibly resistant and yet so delicate, supplements the intensive active ingredient complex for more elasticity, flexibility and completed formability of the hair.